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Airdrop Campaign has ended.
Thank you for joining the DEV Airdrop

Dear all OSS developers, thank you for supporting the OSS ecosystem thus far. Dev Protocol will reward up to $2,100,000 to the most active GitHub users as a tribute and thank you for all your efforts.

All DEV Airdrop programs have ended. Thank you for joining the DEV Airdrop

For your first experience to monetize on the blockchain. Dev Protocol maximizes creators' creativity. AMP Media ↗
  • What is DEV AIRDROP?

    "Dev Protocol", a made-in-Japan DeFi protocol, is launching a "GitHub Airdrop" to commemorate its first anniversary of releasing "Stakes.social", a sponsor platform, and as appreciation for your contribution so far.

    It's hard for developers to rely on goodwill from patrons if they wish to continuously develop OSS as well as grow the community itself. We'd like you to use the airdropped DEV tokens to help stake other projects, while focusing on OSS development yourself. By using our Stakes.social platform, you can help other projects in need and have a stream of additional income by doing so.

    Campaign Period
    Entry: June 3 - July 1, 23:59 UTC.
    Review completion: July 31.
    Claimable: August 20, 2021.
    Deadline: October 31, 2021.
    By your geometric mean of annual public contributions on GitHub in the last 3 years period (2018-05-01 to 2021-05-01), you'll get at most 1000 DEV tokens. We're giving out the total amount of 283,000 DEV to the first 2,203 applicants sorted by contributions that applied users of. If you're willing to join, please take advantage of the program while you can.
    List of target people
    The Dev Protocol team reviewed the registered applications and rewarded the following developers. Please check the target developer from this list.
    → target developer list
    Rewards table
    Contrib > # of people Reward
    3,000 3 1,000
    1,200 200 400
    300 2,000 100

    *Entries will be allocated from the larger number of calculated contributions and automatically moved down if the corresponding quota is full.
    *Note: We do not accept inquiries related to Reward.

  • What are Dev tokens?

    DEV tokens are a proprietary currency that can be used in the Dev Protocol. You can support OSS projects by using DEV tokens and help developers with sustainable funding of their projects.

    → Read FAQ for details

  • What is Dev Protocol?

    "Dev Protocol" is a technology that realizes sustainability for creators' activities. It is mined by creators, and also a reward for users supporting creators through a process called staking. Because Dev Protocol is completely decentralized and is a middleware protocol for on-chain governance, anyone can join the ecosystem by developing various applications (Dapps).

    Under the mission of "creating a society where all innovators are valued and can achieve sustainably", Dev Protocol started MVP in 2018 and began a service for OSS developers to monetize. After the release of "Stakes.social", our first Dapp, in June 2020, our sustainable incentive scheme that utilizes a blockchain, attracted attention from overseas, and its ecosystem continues to grow dramatically. In the last one year, the total number of staking reached around 6 million USD, and the cumulative total amount of reward went up to approximately 2 million USD. (as of April 2021)

    *Dev Protocol gets support from Microsoft for Startups.

    → Read FAQ for details

  • What is Stakes.social?

    Stakes.social is a new sponsor platform where both developers and sponsors are rewarded with tokens if they support their favorite projects by staking dev tokens. Over 1,600 OSS projects issue tokens (utility token with ERC-20 form), and many developers, including both individuals and firms, succeed in achieving sustainability through fundraising. There is an increasing number of unique creators joining Stakes.social, so you can support different creators such as OSS developers, VR artists, NFT markets, green projects, and Vtubers.

  • What's Staking?

    It is a framework where people contribute to the network by locking (temporarily making inaccessible) their crypto assets. In terms of Dev, when people stake "DEV token" (ERC20) for to support creator's works, they are rewarded with dev tokens for doing so.

  • When will the reward be distributed?

    The distribution of rewards is scheduled to start on August 20th. But it may change.

  • How is the number of contributions calculated?

    Calculated based on the geometric mean of annual public contributions on GitHub over the last three years.

  • How many contributions do I need to distribute?

    It is calculated based on the geometric mean of the past 3 years, and those who have a result of 300 or more are eligible. However, if the number of applicants exceeds the target, the results will be distributed in descending order.

  • Why are private contributions not covered?

    This Airdrop is aimed at contributors to the OSS ecosystem. In the case of private commit, it is excluded because there are many contributions other than OSS.

  • How long can I enter?

    Entry is open until 23:59:59 UTC on July 1st.

  • How is it distributed

    After accepting the entry, we will examine the entry contents and confirm the target person. Will be distributed after that.

  • What do I need to claim

    To create an Ethereum transaction for claiming purposes, a small amount of ETH is consumed as a gas fee. The gas fee will vary depending on Ethereum congestion, but it is safe to set aside around 0.005 ETH.

  • Can I enter for my friends instead?

    If you enter using someone else's Github username, it will be fraudulent.

  • Learn more

    → Read FAQ for details